Past Life Tarot Readings

 Part 3

Designed  by Dr. Art Rosengarten For TAROTPSYCH Jan/Feb. 2009

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X8 Part 3 PAST LIFE Spread (Rev)

X8 Part 3 PAST LIFE Spread only



Note: Predicting WHO will win is easy. WHAT will happen next? Now that’s interesting.

Divined The Day BEFORE i.e., November 3, 2008 (See spread below, first posted on tarotpsych site*)

My Comments based on the cards below: The phase immediately following Tuesday’s election (i.e. “the day after”) will be one of a stalled Knight of Stability impatient to get his feet planted in the ground (Knight Pentacles reversed). A period of adjustment and patience is required (7 of Pentacles).  He will have high expectations to actualize his powerful agenda (9 Wands) but be hampered at first by the fallow ground left from the overburdened Washington establishment (Page of Pentacles reversed), a system derailed by its bankrupt and oppressive policies of the past (10 Wands reversed). Soon, however, he will take an aggressive, creative stance re: creative change; he will counter political/cultural opposition with a steely resolve and persistence (7 Wands ). Timing, however, will not be favorable for launching major new initiatives during this phase (Wheel of Fortune reversed). The new president will be seen as a bit lost, disconnected from his deeper convictions and depths at first(High Priestess reversed). The hope now for a clear, objective, and judicious decisiveness in the American leadership will be widely felt and anticipated; but also a underlying fear that his ideas are imprecise, over-calculated, or too impersonal (King of Swords). There will require, by the end of this phase, some behind-the-scenes fence-mending and emotional re-integration by the new American leader before his real agenda for change begins (4 Cups–reversed). His gift and guide is a nurturing, crafty, and hands-on woman (Queen of Pentacles).

The Celtic Cross Spread on Nov. 3, 2008 Q–“The Day After” Tuesday’s presidential elections. What will unfold?

(1) Present Situation–how you come to the reading: Knight Pentacles reversed (2) The Obstacle–where you resist or experience difficulty here–7 of Pentacles (3) The Foundation–the ground or basis of this situation–Page of Pentacles reversed (4) The Past–your past karma or significant influences from the past–10 Wands reversed (5) Goals & Ideals–key images, perfect pictures, visions about the situation–9 Wands (6) Coming Soon–in your immediate future, depending on how you deal with your obstacle–7 Wands (7) Ego–how you see yourself in this situation–Wheel of Fortune reversed (8) Others–how others perceive you–High Priestess reversed (9) Hopes & Fears–a two-bladed sword–King of Swords (10) Outcome–long-term resolution of this process; this result will be in your destiny–4 Cups–reversed (11) Gift & Guide–In some way this card will serve you in this process both as serendipity and a source of guidance.–Queen of Pentacles

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FROG SPECIMEN (Fluid Resonance Oracle Gnosis)

(From Art, October 16, 2008, The Expanded COMPLETE HATCHERY on tarotspsych (See Files)

This one’s for you, big guy, (with a sprig of mint)!

(Numbers) 366, 394, 192

(Taste): 437


366. Puer aeternus. Latin for “eternal child,” used in mythology to designate a child-god who is forever young; psychologically it refers to an older man whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level, usually coupled with too great a dependence on the mother. [The term puella is used when referring to a woman, though one might also speak of a puer animus-or a puella anima.] The puer typically leads a provisional life, due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape. His lot is seldom what he really wants and one day he will do something about it-but not just yet. Plans for the future slip away in fantasies of what will be, what could be, while no decisive action is taken to change. He covets independence and freedom, chafes at boundaries and limits, and tends to find any restriction intolerable.

394. Wounded Healer. An archetypal dynamic that may be constellated in an analytic relationship. This term derives from the legend of Asclepius, a Greek doctor who in recognition of his own wounds established a sanctuary at Epidaurus where others could be healed of theirs.

192. Phenomenology:  An approach to research that aims to describe and clarify a person’s own experience and understanding of an event or phenomenon.

(Taste) 437. Herby  Reminiscent of herbs, such as mint, sage, thyme, or of eucalyptus.

Frog Sandwich For Meta Joe:  Grow up, you big-hearted sop. Sure you covet independence and freedom, chafe at boundaries and limits, and tend to find any restriction intolerable, just like every Joe The Plumber does (at a different level).  But you hurt inside, Meta Joe, I sense the sweet earthiness in your demeanor like a twig of mint, but there’s some infection in your soil, and so you decided to become a meta-plumber (not like the average Joes) …that’s cool. Helping others plumb their depths, clean out their pipes, etc. all good stuff big fella…  BUT something seems awry within your metaphysics. There’s a little too much droopy-eyed dragon in you, if you know what I mean?  (And we’ve seen the fire-breathing beast aspect react QUICKLY when feeling perhaps a little misunderstood? Puer, puer, puer. [Jung said there was only one real cure for the puer…WORK! (shades of Maynard G. Krebbs, for you oldsters out there, no?].

Hey Meta-Joe: Please help us and yourself get to what’s really going on here with you…What actually are you EXPERIENCING (in the moment) that makes you so unpleased with the “condition” of the world as it is now Joe? Try not to embellish or dramatize your response, nothing “heroic” my firend, my friend, just what IS IT exactly?


A). One original idea “whose time has come.”  The “New Age” becoming politically-relevant and globally-active in its own style (i.e. “the puer generation” healing its mother complex without sacrificing its transpersonal magic, global desires and vision)

 B). An application relevant to the evolution and well-being of tarotpsych. Keep being “tarotpsych” i.e., bringing the phenomenology of our work into focus…answering the question “What Is it?” Having fun AND raising consciousness. 

 C). How this resonance touches your personal gnosis (spiritual truth)? Just call me Joe, The Slowly Awakening Meta-Plumber.

A Laboratory For Wisdom & Synthesis

Featuring A 72 page, 499 item, easy access, “meta-frogical” compendium for the production of Frogs. You must join tarotpsych to gain access:


Instructions: Hatch a FROG, then post answers to A-C below (in
tarotpsych homepage window)… Ideally, hatch at least one green guy per month.


1. Generate 3 random integers (ranging from 1-499). Use PRNG simply by click here. [Note: “Pseudo” Random Number Generators (PRNGs) produce a sequence of numbers using a method (usually a software algorithm) which is predetermined and therefore, in theory, predictable. However the algorithm is sufficiently complex to prevent the sequence being predicted unless an initial “seed” value is known].

2. Use ‘OPEN SEQUENCE’ generator page. Generate 3 integers between 1 and 499 (or 1-394 plus Second Spin for “taste”), then scroll through HATCHERY to find each Number/Analogue. Reflectupon/record your synchronistically-obtained information.  (Use streamlined “Frogsheet” in Files to quicken production).

3. Blend/craft items together using your intellect, intuition, and imagination to create THIS unique “Frog.”  Hatchery categories include: Tarot (phrases & spectrums), philosophical constructs of Postmodernism, a dictionary of Paranormal and Psychic terms, Native American proverbs, a lexicon of Swiss psychoanalyst C.G. Jung, and the Wine Taster’s Glossary.

4. (Optional) Take a  “Second Spin” (for taste) by generating 1 separate integer (between 395 and 499).  Gives your Frog added nuance, and answers the question: “What KIND of FROG is THIS?”  For example, “A CHEWY Frog.”

5. Play with “Frog” meanings until something congeals in a fluid resonance. “What underlying message is communicated HERE?”  Post on tarotpsych homepage along with your Answers to  A–C:

A). One original idea “whose time has come” (stemming from your Frog).

B). An application relevant to the evolution and well-being of tarotpsych.

C). How this resonance touches your personal gnosis (spiritual truth)?

(See Old Frog Samples On This Site in CyberExperiments)

Created by the owner/moderator of Tarotpsych, Art Rosengarten

The COMPLETE HATCHERY is an extraordinary collection of diverse esoteric, paranormal, Native American proverbs, postmodernist philosophic terms, even the nuances of gourmet wine-tasting, all  designed as a lexicon for instant cyberdivination in the production of wholly new and original “blended meta-constructs,” called FROGS, or “Fluid Resonance Oracle Gnosis” set in motion with a Random Number Generator.  (Samples from tarotpsych members are included on FSA under CyberExperiments).

The instructions below can be found in the Files Section of Tarotpsych, and available to Tarotpsych Members.  (The Complete Hatchery is currently 36 pages, with over four hundred interesting entries;  instant access to a Random Number Generator, and easy instructions to make this deep pool of knowledge very accessible, and wildly worth “hatching,” as we say).

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Dissertation Abstract

A comparative study of dreams, the tat, and tarot

Arthur E. Rosengarten Jr.

A Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies 

San Francisco, California, 1985


This study was designed to explore and compare the effectiveness of three methods for accessing the contents of the unconscious, namely, Dream Interpretation, the TAT [Thematic Apperception Test is a widely used projective test which like Rorschach uses a battery of visual cards to stimulate unconscious content], and Tarot Reading. Five  hypotheses were tested to determine the reliability within methods and the convergent validity between methods over ten traits of personality functioning.

Ten subjects participated in an experimental dream group and were required to receive an outside Tarot Reading and TAT over the course of the twelve-week group, as well as submit a dream journal at the final group.  Three teams of independent experts–Assessment Psychologists, Jungian Dream Therapists, and Professional Tarot Readers– were hired to participate in this study. Transcripts of each subject’s Tarot Reading, TAT Protocol, and Dream Series (submitted in a journal) were blindly rated by three professional interpreters of each method on a questionnaire constructed for this study.  The Questionnaire was designed (and statistically validated) to measure on a seven point scale the personality variables of: Goals, Past Pain, Fears, Personal Power, Intimacy, Authority, Aloneness, Depression, Spirituality, and Personality Integration. In addition, Questionnaires were completed by subject themselves (Self Reports) and conjointly by the group’s co-therapists (Therapist Reports).  Correlation coefficients were computed for both Within Method Evaluations and Between Method Evaluations. Case study material of one participant’s Dream Series, TAT Protocol, and Tarot Reading was also analyzed by the author in relation to the hypotheses.

The findings indicate that the unconscious is selective and particular in its own expression, such that the specific type and level of information elicited may be a function of the method employed. The reliability of each method was supported in part, with Dream Interpreters showing inter-rater agreement on Goals, Spirituality, and Personality Integration; TAT interpreters agreeing on Past Pain and Personal Power, Authority, Aloneness, and Personality Integration; and Tarot Interpreters agreeing on Goals, Authority and Aloneness. 

Validity studies demonstrated agreement between all methods on Personality Integration.  Between methods, Dreams and TArot correlated most often, showing agreement on Goals, Intimacy, and Spirituality. Dreams correlated with TAT on Past Pain and Personal Power. The TAT correlates with Tarot on Authority. No two methods of access correlated on Fears, Aloneness or Depression.

               Dissertation Abstracts International, 46, (08),2822B. (UMI No. AA18523315)

(Designed by Art Rosengarten, Ph.D.)  MAY 2008

Introduction: The classic 1927 metaphysical study by J.W. Dunne: An Experiment with Time that stimulated my particular interest in X4:  Overview: [By Callen Shutter] Inspired by vivid dreams he was having that seemed to precipitate waking events such as volcanoes and fishing adventures, J.W. Dunne decided to conduct an experiment where he (and eventually others) logged their dreams for a period of time and tracked the content of these dreams. Subjects would then reread their logs within a week or so and note whether the events that occurred in their dreams were in the past, had happened in the short time since the dream, or had never happened. Often, subjects would find a mixing of past, present, and future events in a single scene. The connection of waking events to dreamthe heart of Dunne’s experiment with time.


PHASE 1 (DATA COLLECTION) over first 3 weeks:                                                                                        (A) The “TIME-TYPE SPREAD” (2x per wk) Any tarot deck will do. Select 3 Tarot Cards representing:  

(1)  WINDOW OF REALITY                                                                                        

(2) WINDOW OF DREAMS                                                                                            


Readings should occur twice a week for 3 weeks (with a minimum of two nights intervening between readings).  Be sure to shuffle 10x plus, & record name/number by position.  (Use of specific questions, decks, and/or reversals are by your preference). 

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ___ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ 

(B) DREAM TIME (On days before and following tarot readings) 

–Last night’s dream: (Full, partial, or fragment) 

–Key Associations: (What in your life is like this?): 

–Dream Message: Summarize your decoding of the dream into a single sentence: ________________________________________________________ 

(C) “REALITY” TIME (After each tarot reading)

(Use GOOGLE World News/top story)  Copy/paste or write out first listed story on Google World News following each reading. (Note: stories will vary by the hour–go with whatever you get (include time and time zone you are in).  Only headline/sub- header, plus lead paragraph will suffice. We will utilize this content later in the experiment (Week 3)…



Now we tie this stuff together for it’s meaning and relevance to WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON–See Files for Suggested Synthesis Technique. SEE TAROTPSYCH Archives (MAY, 2008), or send your dreams now. As we found in our experiment, dreams are truly phenomenal.

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Hatch at least one FROG (fluid resonance oracle gnosis) per week. Follow instructions below,  post answers for A-C only.             

WOD: June 16–July 15.  Ideally you will hatch 4 or more over next month 

1. Generate 3 random integers between 1 and 295 (Using PRNG): See PRNG URL at TAROPSYCH 

(Scroll to:) ‘OPEN SEQUENCE’ (Do this only once per frog). Record        

–My Numbers: ________, ________, ________ 

Note: “Pseudo” Random Number Generators (PRNGs) produce a sequence of numbers using a method (usually a software algorithm) which is predetermined and therefore, in theory, predictable. However the algorithm is sufficiently complex to prevent the sequence being predicted unless an initial “seed” value is known. PNRGs use various unpredictable ways to seed the algorithm, such as ambient temperature or stock market fluctuations. A common seed is the computer’s system clock time at the moment when the generation begins. 

2. Find your three analogues in The Complete HATCHERY.  Blended together in your intellect and imagination, they create your “frog.” Analogues in this experiment include tarot cards, selected philosophical constructs of Postmodernism, A Dictionary of Paranormal and Psychic terms, and selected Native American proverbs.                                        

My Analogues: —                                                                                                 

3. Reflect upon possible “frog” meanings.  You can play with the order of analogues until something congeals in a fluid resonance. “What underlying message is communicated HERE?”   

Expanded:  “Second Spin” ______. Supplies taste or nuance to frog. (Use PRNG above for 1 new # between 296-401). Answers: “What KIND of FROG is THIS?”   Answer: A chewy FROG. (See in Expanded Hatchery. From The Wine Taster’s Glossary).    

4. Now, with this unique admixture, please formulate (and post):                        

A).  One original idea “whose time has come” (stemming from your frog).                                            

B).  An application relevant to the evolution and wellbeing of tarotpsych                                      

C).  How this resonance touches your own gnosis (spiritual truth)? 

          CONTINUE ON TO THE COMPLETE HATCHERY….                       

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1. Do you have to be a member of Tarotpsych to participate directly in these group experiments involving synchronicity, symbols, and consciousness?

Ans. Yes

2. Can anybody join Tarotpsych? 

Ans. Yes

3. Can you participate if you’re not a therapist, artist, professional, grad student, psychic, health care provider, New Ager, or published author?

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4. Can we access the original instructions, materials, and responses of previous experiments in the Tarotpsych archives?

Ans. Yes

5. Are these Experiments posted on Art’s blog more-or-less samples and excerpts of actual Tarotpsych postings?

Ans. Yes

6. Is this Yahoo Group free to join? Easy to set up?

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7. How do I sign-up?

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8. What is a “frog?”

Ans. ‘Fluid Resonance Oracle Gnosis’ (See Tarotpsych Files, Experiment 5)


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