Note: Predicting WHO will win is easy. WHAT will happen next? Now that’s interesting.

Divined The Day BEFORE i.e., November 3, 2008 (See spread below, first posted on tarotpsych site*)

My Comments based on the cards below: The phase immediately following Tuesday’s election (i.e. “the day after”) will be one of a stalled Knight of Stability impatient to get his feet planted in the ground (Knight Pentacles reversed). A period of adjustment and patience is required (7 of Pentacles).  He will have high expectations to actualize his powerful agenda (9 Wands) but be hampered at first by the fallow ground left from the overburdened Washington establishment (Page of Pentacles reversed), a system derailed by its bankrupt and oppressive policies of the past (10 Wands reversed). Soon, however, he will take an aggressive, creative stance re: creative change; he will counter political/cultural opposition with a steely resolve and persistence (7 Wands ). Timing, however, will not be favorable for launching major new initiatives during this phase (Wheel of Fortune reversed). The new president will be seen as a bit lost, disconnected from his deeper convictions and depths at first(High Priestess reversed). The hope now for a clear, objective, and judicious decisiveness in the American leadership will be widely felt and anticipated; but also a underlying fear that his ideas are imprecise, over-calculated, or too impersonal (King of Swords). There will require, by the end of this phase, some behind-the-scenes fence-mending and emotional re-integration by the new American leader before his real agenda for change begins (4 Cups–reversed). His gift and guide is a nurturing, crafty, and hands-on woman (Queen of Pentacles).

The Celtic Cross Spread on Nov. 3, 2008 Q–“The Day After” Tuesday’s presidential elections. What will unfold?

(1) Present Situation–how you come to the reading: Knight Pentacles reversed (2) The Obstacle–where you resist or experience difficulty here–7 of Pentacles (3) The Foundation–the ground or basis of this situation–Page of Pentacles reversed (4) The Past–your past karma or significant influences from the past–10 Wands reversed (5) Goals & Ideals–key images, perfect pictures, visions about the situation–9 Wands (6) Coming Soon–in your immediate future, depending on how you deal with your obstacle–7 Wands (7) Ego–how you see yourself in this situation–Wheel of Fortune reversed (8) Others–how others perceive you–High Priestess reversed (9) Hopes & Fears–a two-bladed sword–King of Swords (10) Outcome–long-term resolution of this process; this result will be in your destiny–4 Cups–reversed (11) Gift & Guide–In some way this card will serve you in this process both as serendipity and a source of guidance.–Queen of Pentacles

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