19 Responses to “SELECTED WRITINGS of Arthur Rosengarten”

  1. Brutellio Says:

    Hello. I enjoyed reading your website.
    Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work.

  2. shrink2 Says:

    Hi Art,

    Your new blog looks great! You’re prolific and profound as always! :-)

    May I suggest you include a link to my interview with you at and my follow up at

    All the best!


  3. Hi Dr. Art:

    Love your blog!

    Not only will your exhibit open at the Paraplex in January 2009, but there just may be a sneak preview at the Paraplex Annex (in the French Quarter) this fall!

    Everyone in New Orleans is a fan of “the man with the cards”.


  4. Greetings, Brotha Art;

    Wow, you move fast, received my reply from the tarotpsych immediately. But, I move fast as well, wanted to order your book immediately and when I spent 30 seconds to find it, I found your site with the great offer of the book and the tarot cards, plus the reading. Excellent, I am in. I would like to order the full meal deal (right away) so I frantically searched the site to submit my order. Let me know and I can get you credit card info ASAP.

    Best Wishes;

    Cory A. Starchuk

    Ex – Agent (Re/max – Camrose)

  5. Can you do a tarat card reading for my future?
    How much will it cost?
    Listen to you on Coast to Coast.

  6. artrosengarten Says:

    Perhaps because a false side of fortune-telling has misconstrued the actual validity of this highly interesting method and sacred tool? Art

  7. Jackie Says:

    I listen to Coast to Coast and was wondering if you could do a reading for me?


    Dear Art,

    Hi! I listened to your interview with George on ‘Coast to coast’ on last Thursday.

    I am going to read your book as well in the coming weeks.

    By the way,I have a question for you.


    A number of Tarot Readers gave the same readings about my career progress/new jobs etc and about a coming relationship about 8-10 months ago.

    They all talked and indicated answers on the same lines to my questions I raised on my career and on relationship.

    But even after 8-9 months, I do not see anything coming up on those lnes, although I am doing everything possible from my side.

    Are there possibilities that those events/predictions can take place some time in the future ?

    Please explain the relationship between the concept of time in a Tarot reading.

    It seems that some predictions/events come to light after some months or yeras!!!!!

    Also I am interested in getting connected with your online Tarot discussion group.(plese send me the details of the group to my email address

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Good luck for your writing/ education
    and Tarot reading work.

    With Blessings



  9. Tony Sontorius Says:

    Hi Dr. Rosengarten,

    I read with interest your review of Dr. Julie Beischel’s lecture on consciousness survival and mediumship research. Your reflections on Beishel’s three mechanisms, which describe anomalous information receptions (AIR), are quite interesting and useful in framing the parapsychological question. You state option one is circular, option two is ambiguous and lacks adequate controls and hold, in option three, for the possibility that meaningful information is communicated or transferred synchronistcally. Your insight into the first two options, I propose, is the inherent destructuring, marginality, and transitional nature of all parapsychological and supernatural events. No matter how hard physical science tries it will never be able to conclusively and repeatedly demonstrate valid parapsychological phenomena. George Hansen has profoundly and conclusively shown in his The Trickster and the Paranormal psi is ephemeral and fluid but very real.

    As to option one, consciousness survives death, I would add that although mediumship is a paranormal activity and thus liminal, dream studies point to the possibility of survivability. Marie-Louise von Franz writes in her book On Dreams and Death, “It is in fact true, as Jung emphasized, that the unconscious psyche pays very little attention to the abrupt end of bodily life and behaves as if the psychic life of the individual, that is, the individuation process, will simply continue. In this connection, however, there are also dreams which symbolically indicate the end of bodily life and the explicit continuation of psychic life after death. The unconscious “believes” quite obviously in a life after death.” (Pages viii-ix, Introduction)

    Your insights into option three emphasize the meaningful and transpersonal nature of many synchronistic events. James Hillman writes in his essay On the Psychology of Parapsychology, “On the level of human events, then, no matter how unwilled, irrational, incredulous and intensely personal parapsychological happenings may be, they yet follow a law: necessity. They are necessary. And our task then might be to ask questions in terms of spirit: if necessary, then what do they mean? And our other task would be to discover less “how” they happen than to envision them as messages telling us something necessary in form also necessary, and could not occur in any other form. I believe it was to the wider realm of necessity that Jung was pointing with his concept of synchronicity.” (From Loose Ends, Primary Papers in Archetypal Psychology) The meaningful nature of synchronistic events are necessary and as you state, “…the foreshadowing of a vast paradigm shift with respect to consciousness surviving after death.” is the necessary “form” for such a process.

    Thanks for your insights and ideas!

  10. artrosengarten Says:

    it must be in the “E.”

  11. marcie Says:

    There is a new deck that was especially created for therapeutic purposes as well as divination. You might find it interesting; it is certainly unusual and visually arresting.

    Love your blog and just got your deck :)

  12. John Adkins Says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you lastnight Art. I received many confirmations that we were supposed to meet.

  13. Heather Says:


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  14. EuroopoKev Says:

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