July [1] 2008



I ran with Satan’s zipper

past sharks gnawing on mountain rock,

through Tyrian purple tombs,

and slaughter that reeked of the vulture.

I ran with sacrificial goats and lamb

over accidents of green

and the oil of Islam.

I ran through pockets of history

piled with lumpy sand rats

Persian crabs

and the rusted martyrs of Allah.

I ran over tears whipped to butter

for goats,

I watched three girls in black shrouds

kick an animal to frenzy,

stomach and disembowel it,

then do a dance.

I heard centuries of snarling hands,

tongues that screamed

for the verdict of God.

I saw the wounded terror of tyranny

and cried for the suffocation.

I ran over bleeding desert white,

I bowed before Mohammed’s mountain

And prayed for mercy in heaven.


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