This cosmograph encompasses the central ideas in my new deck and system, Tarot of the Nine Paths (or TNP). It describes a radical approach to tarot that utilizes the press of encoded, metaphysical symbols (based on the magical properties of number 9, i.e. “The Hermit Effect”) as tools for nondual inquiry much as discussed in Mahayana Buddhism, Zen, and other nondual teachings that utilize paradoxical entry. In TNP, this is called “natural divination.” The actual diagram size  is 4 feet X 8 feet, and will be presented in a poster session at the upcoming Science And Nonduality Conference in Marin County, California, October 22-25, 2009. For more information about this cutting-edge conference, to preview the deck freely, or to order an autographed  copy from its author ($39.95), see links below. Note, Tarot of the Nine Paths can also be ordered through Paragon House and on