Experiment 5: Hatching Frogs

July [2] 2008


Hatch at least one FROG (fluid resonance oracle gnosis) per week. Follow instructions below,  post answers for A-C only.             

WOD: June 16–July 15.  Ideally you will hatch 4 or more over next month 

1. Generate 3 random integers between 1 and 295 (Using PRNG): See PRNG URL at TAROPSYCH 

(Scroll to:) ‘OPEN SEQUENCE’ (Do this only once per frog). Record        

–My Numbers: ________, ________, ________ 

Note: “Pseudo” Random Number Generators (PRNGs) produce a sequence of numbers using a method (usually a software algorithm) which is predetermined and therefore, in theory, predictable. However the algorithm is sufficiently complex to prevent the sequence being predicted unless an initial “seed” value is known. PNRGs use various unpredictable ways to seed the algorithm, such as ambient temperature or stock market fluctuations. A common seed is the computer’s system clock time at the moment when the generation begins. 

2. Find your three analogues in The Complete HATCHERY.  Blended together in your intellect and imagination, they create your “frog.” Analogues in this experiment include tarot cards, selected philosophical constructs of Postmodernism, A Dictionary of Paranormal and Psychic terms, and selected Native American proverbs.                                        

My Analogues: —                                                                                                 

3. Reflect upon possible “frog” meanings.  You can play with the order of analogues until something congeals in a fluid resonance. “What underlying message is communicated HERE?”   

Expanded:  “Second Spin” ______. Supplies taste or nuance to frog. (Use PRNG above for 1 new # between 296-401). Answers: “What KIND of FROG is THIS?”   Answer: A chewy FROG. (See in Expanded Hatchery. From The Wine Taster’s Glossary).    

4. Now, with this unique admixture, please formulate (and post):                        

A).  One original idea “whose time has come” (stemming from your frog).                                            

B).  An application relevant to the evolution and wellbeing of tarotpsych                                      

C).  How this resonance touches your own gnosis (spiritual truth)? 

          CONTINUE ON TO THE COMPLETE HATCHERY…. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/tarotpsych/                       


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