Experiment 4: Time, Dreams, And Tarot

July [2] 2008

(Designed by Art Rosengarten, Ph.D.)  MAY 2008

Introduction: The classic 1927 metaphysical study by J.W. Dunne: An Experiment with Time that stimulated my particular interest in X4:  Overview: [By Callen Shutter] Inspired by vivid dreams he was having that seemed to precipitate waking events such as volcanoes and fishing adventures, J.W. Dunne decided to conduct an experiment where he (and eventually others) logged their dreams for a period of time and tracked the content of these dreams. Subjects would then reread their logs within a week or so and note whether the events that occurred in their dreams were in the past, had happened in the short time since the dream, or had never happened. Often, subjects would find a mixing of past, present, and future events in a single scene. The connection of waking events to dreamthe heart of Dunne’s experiment with time.


PHASE 1 (DATA COLLECTION) over first 3 weeks:                                                                                        (A) The “TIME-TYPE SPREAD” (2x per wk) Any tarot deck will do. Select 3 Tarot Cards representing:  

(1)  WINDOW OF REALITY                                                                                        

(2) WINDOW OF DREAMS                                                                                            


Readings should occur twice a week for 3 weeks (with a minimum of two nights intervening between readings).  Be sure to shuffle 10x plus, & record name/number by position.  (Use of specific questions, decks, and/or reversals are by your preference). 

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ___ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ 

(B) DREAM TIME (On days before and following tarot readings) 

–Last night’s dream: (Full, partial, or fragment) 

–Key Associations: (What in your life is like this?): 

–Dream Message: Summarize your decoding of the dream into a single sentence: ________________________________________________________ 

(C) “REALITY” TIME (After each tarot reading)

(Use GOOGLE World News/top story) http://news.google.com/  Copy/paste or write out first listed story on Google World News following each reading. (Note: stories will vary by the hour–go with whatever you get (include time and time zone you are in).  Only headline/sub- header, plus lead paragraph will suffice. We will utilize this content later in the experiment (Week 3)…



Now we tie this stuff together for it’s meaning and relevance to WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON–See Files for Suggested Synthesis Technique. SEE TAROTPSYCH Archives (MAY, 2008), or send your dreams now. As we found in our experiment, dreams are truly phenomenal.

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For intelligent conversation in consciousness, Join TAROTPSYCH at:


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