October [8] 2008

A Laboratory For Wisdom & Synthesis

Featuring A 72 page, 499 item, easy access, “meta-frogical” compendium for the production of Frogs. You must join tarotpsych to gain access:


Instructions: Hatch a FROG, then post answers to A-C below (in
tarotpsych homepage window)… Ideally, hatch at least one green guy per month.


1. Generate 3 random integers (ranging from 1-499). Use PRNG simply by click here. [Note: “Pseudo” Random Number Generators (PRNGs) produce a sequence of numbers using a method (usually a software algorithm) which is predetermined and therefore, in theory, predictable. However the algorithm is sufficiently complex to prevent the sequence being predicted unless an initial “seed” value is known].

2. Use ‘OPEN SEQUENCE’ generator page. Generate 3 integers between 1 and 499 (or 1-394 plus Second Spin for “taste”), then scroll through HATCHERY to find each Number/Analogue. Reflectupon/record your synchronistically-obtained information.  (Use streamlined “Frogsheet” in Files to quicken production).

3. Blend/craft items together using your intellect, intuition, and imagination to create THIS unique “Frog.”  Hatchery categories include: Tarot (phrases & spectrums), philosophical constructs of Postmodernism, a dictionary of Paranormal and Psychic terms, Native American proverbs, a lexicon of Swiss psychoanalyst C.G. Jung, and the Wine Taster’s Glossary.

4. (Optional) Take a  “Second Spin” (for taste) by generating 1 separate integer (between 395 and 499).  Gives your Frog added nuance, and answers the question: “What KIND of FROG is THIS?”  For example, “A CHEWY Frog.”

5. Play with “Frog” meanings until something congeals in a fluid resonance. “What underlying message is communicated HERE?”  Post on tarotpsych homepage along with your Answers to  A–C:

A). One original idea “whose time has come” (stemming from your Frog).

B). An application relevant to the evolution and well-being of tarotpsych.

C). How this resonance touches your personal gnosis (spiritual truth)?

(See Old Frog Samples On This Site in CyberExperiments)

Created by the owner/moderator of Tarotpsych, Art Rosengarten


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