Frog 518 Back To Basics

July [2] 2008

Paratech: sudnlyaware

Randomly-Generated Numbers: 13 243 90

Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY:

-13-Death – The Banshee Crone/Wise Woman -The old/wise woman has experience and sees death as a passage to a new phase of existence with no fear – having released what no longer serves her. Do not fear the release of an old pattern and celebrate the birth of a new pattern.

-243- You already possess everything to become great – Crow

-90-Inductive Knowledge – General premises or principles which are determined from a number of more general statements or observations. Compare with Deductive Knowledge. (knowledge deduced from general principles)

Flavor: 340 Mmmm-mmmm good – 340 – Honest – without flaws, typical and straightforward, simple but not great.


(Excerpt) KISS FROG – Keep It Simple, Stupid In releasing old patterns that no longer serve us, birth to a new pattern can emerge. The flavor of this FROG tempers the idea of “greatness” – a subjective achievement. In “keeping it simple” we are reminded of the greatness in honest simplicity. This FROG is “keeping it real”, down to earth, in the flow of the present. No worries about the future – all is as it should be.

Idea whose time has come: Back to basics – Spring clean and sell, give away or barter what no longer serves you and has become an “albatross” around your neck. In clearing out of the old, the honest beauty of simplicity can be incorporated freeing up time to live life rather than manage it. It’s time to pay off debt, consolidate bills and create a more simple existence generating a release of “worry” and “chaos” and allowing for the emergence of an inner peace and calm. (Member: sudnlyaware) Taste whole frog at:

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