Visit new Official Site of TNP

March [4] 2009

Order or view TNP at the new Official Site For Tarot of the Nine Paths. (Click) 

Final TNP Poster copy


7 Responses to “Visit new Official Site of TNP”

  1. Jas Says:

    The illustration on the cover of your book, “TAROT OF THE NINE PATHS”, rocks !
    Also , do aliens use or have tarrochi cards on Planet X ?

  2. Lee MacMorris Says:

    Art –
    What richness you have provided and how I wish I could retain what I’ve heard. Yes, I caught you on Coast to Coast. Now having whetted my appetite for the deck and whatever explanatory book to attend it, where oh where do I get copies? I do like the images and the ideas they conjure up and am eager to research them further. Glad to know you’re on Coast to Coast but much too infrequently.

  3. I am a long-time listener of Coast to Coast. I find your art work intriguing and beautiful. I would like to purchase the Tarot cards and get the 3-card reading. I hope I haven’t missed the pay-per-view show.



  4. Angie Stapleton Says:

    I just heard your interview on redice creations.
    I would like to purchase a deck of your tarot cards when they are available.
    Thanks, Angie

    • artrosengarten Says:

      I have put you on our new orders list and will notify you (by email) AS SOON AS (second edition) TNP deck and guidebook are available! (We are looking at August launch). If interested, please join my discussion group Tarotpsych––it’s free, has some great tarot folks from all over, original materials, and is a way to keep in touch with TNP developments and practice. Warmly, Art Rosengarten

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