September [15] 2008

COSMOGRAPHIC ART  (Click Image To Expand)


One Response to “Art’s BUDDHIST CHEATSHEET”

  1. Andy R Says:

    Hi, Art

    Thank you so much for this cheatsheet. I love it. I’m quite new to Buddhism, and this is really helpful.

    I thought you’d want to know there are two typing mistakes….

    (1) The fourth Metta Phrase is “live” not “love” – unless “love” is a variation I’ve not come across yet.

    (2) You’ve only listed 5 stages under “The Six Stages of Metta”. Oops!
    The missing one is variously called “an enemy”, “a difficult person”, “a person I find difficult”. I like the last one because, although rather wordy” it contains an important truth.

    (3) Five Hindrances. Not a mistake as such, but number 4 is often given as “Restlessness and worry (or anxiety)”. I was told it parallels “Sleepiness and sloth” – one physical, one mental.

    Thanks once again. And all best wishes for your path forward.

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