July [14] 2008

Potent Quote Department

From Art’s 1977 JOURNAL.  [Note: I saw the first Star Wars on the 3rd night of its opening, July 1, 1977 in San Francisco. Needless to say, the film was both extraordinary and disturbing to me, leaving me to scribe the following initial impressions]:


            The affairs of Earth are

            Primitive, Puny, 4th Rate.

            Perhaps our biggest dissapointment is

            With the animal kingdom, save the human being,

             Animal evolution has been a mere piddlings–

           Shouldn’t we expect just a little more?  

           (Look at Chewbacca, for heaven’s sake),

           12 inch paws and he co-navigates a Starship!


            The Force is the Zen buddhism of the future,

            But practiced with the urgency of discipline 

            Incumbant upon inter-galactic survival.

            One follows one’s feelings,

            A Universal secret,

            As they are the superior guides

            Far out-rivaling their cognitive counterparts.


            The Force is the true Akaido

            Which combats the collective evil of the Universe.

            The galaxy is lorded over by human beings

            Of superior evolution, power, and wit, yet still,

            Ironically, by human beings like ourselves.

            Chemistry, biology, and physics are apparently finite,

            Much as the Inner Laws and Logistics.


    As individuals we are powerless to effect meaningful change.

            We must develop transpersonal consciousness and follow the Force–

            Only then can we effectively revolutionize the Earth

            Which desparately needs radical change

            To manifest the reality of our most brilliant fantasies.


            Evolution may be a cop-out.

            It hasn’t done much for the Earth species

            With the possible exception of Man.

            But even here, change has come dreadfully slow.


            If Man’s machinery were more efficiently organized

            The world might have the capacity to realize

            It’s most daring fantasies within one individual’s lifetime.

            We must consciously work to speed-up the process and get off our asses.



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