July [8] 2008


Reported from Taragarh, Kangra District, H.P., India (Nov. 1989).  A chronicle in verse for my brave travel comrades on our Himalayan journey to The Mountain Goddess. A. Rosengarten, Ph.D.


Orange red India autumn

baby Krsna’s sweet blue face

sacred cows meandering space

bright parrots singing from sycamore

night vultures scouring the floor

distant echoes, foreign faces,

snowcapped Himalayan traces

lost peaks of peace

secrets of the Mountain Goddess

Vaishno Devi,

Seth speaks.

Green Tara of Incarnate Tulkus

temple knaves with dirty feet

Shambala Cafe on Dharma Street

Mahatma Gandhi and his tutors

Ksytrias selling motor-scooters

Brahmans chanting holy sutras

rickshaw taxis

hotel fountains

brown monkeys in pine mountains

purple monks humming mantras

a chorus of Frank Sinatras 

of a different race

from another planet

on another page.

Degenerate age of blackest semen

Mahakali slaying demons

a little bakshish for black hashish

doles of rice and dreary dahl

sweets of strange and pungent syrup

stone-eating Tibetan spirits

Diwali-lit roman candles

sadhus wearing broken sandals

Durga in the drainpipes

Tara in the lamplight

India in the damp night…

Eight hundred million mighty tongues

inhaling Maya in their lungs

Bengali/Hindi/Pali hurdles

imported ‘mutant ninja turtles’

microbe fever and Elly-belly

Bhim Singh serving thali

Shiva Lord of The Cobras

Aurobindo, the wise Bengali

energy fields of pranayama

Dharamsala and Shambala

The Mahabharata, the Ramayana.

West Virginia, miles from mama

His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Sleeper trains from Delhi Station

several grains of cold rice rations

purple saris, saffron chamis

Tibetan elders that look like Cochise

elephant and tiger safaris

Varna and Jati

Pariwar and Biradari

caste in transmigratory time

nothing existing from its own side

Om tare tutarre ture soha,

Kargyuga, Nyingma, Galupa, and Sakhya,

meditation on Hell Realm gradations

and the illusion of all separations:

the emptiness of form

the suffering of suffering

the suffering of samsaric happiness

the suffering of nose demons 

pervasive suffering

burrito desires for carne asada

Om Ah Hum

Om Ah Hum,

Synchronistic East-West theories

karmic earthquake subway series

rooming with Arjuna

practicing karuna

Akbar and Asoka

Padre’s teacher’s thoughts on caca

the hot hells due to pain and heat:

Reviving Hell

Black Lines Hell

Crushing Hell;

Jawalamukti’s tongue of fire

Mahakali’s electric dryer

humble hindu’s sideways nod

cheesecloth and cocoanut prasad

cholera puddles in temple portals

bangle stands and Kulu caps

Vishnu’s maya, Kriya yoga,

Limca, momos, and papaya,

to wake in sleep, perchance to dream–

playing Murder on Halloween

playing scrabble in psychobabble

students from the other side

adjusting to their Indian guide

bathing in a waterbucket

bring in Shiva’s singing lingum

Wrathful Compassion,

Father Atisha, devotee of Green Tara,

please come back to “Inja” tomara…

Pilgrimage to the holy Ganga

a million bathers on the ghats

strings of sandlewood in Sarnath

Buddha relics on painted pachyderm

pilgrims worship Shiva’s sacred sperm

Belgian beauty over banana lassis

the silk and spice of Varanasi

the Black Hole, The Red Fort 

Indira Gandhi International Airport

the Taj Mogul and Swami Erhard Vogel

the Palace and the Lodhi

the body and the bodhi

Vibhuti for great beauty…

His eminence, the Kashmiri Raj–

Dr. Karan Sing

Ravi Shankar and old tapes

Of Bruce Springsteen,

Kama Sutra and Madonna

heart chakra and sadhana

the folksingers of nirvana

the Pure Land of Nibana

the consciousness of satipatthana;

Strings of Love

Strings of Highest Truth

Triumph and Praise,

beggar child in a daze

All Things Co-arise Mother India

Ancient Lotus of the New Age.



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