Frog 560 Pay Attention

July [7] 2008

Paratech: lisaraykim

Randomly-Generated Numbers: 64 – 101 – 293 (plus 387 for “taste”)

Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY::

64: King of Swords…Yes, he has reared his kingly head again for me. His deafening message: “Hey, you, pay attention. You need what I have to offer.” I’m unbelievably astounded to see that I have  within a few days, once again gotten one of the same analogues. Especially interesting is the fact that it is the one I have had so many issues with. It proves yet again that the soul and universe know where to take you, even when you have lost the map or thrown it away.

101: Pantheism: This refers to the belief that God is everything. In other words, the sum total of all that exists is God. Compare to panentheism. I think it’s curious that in my last FROG, my second integer corresponded to the analogue of “demonic possession”… if I might reflect/refer back to my previous “Experience for the sake of experience.” Intuitively speaking, this seems to be about my birth relgion and how it formed my orientation to life. Fortunately and thankfully, it no longer “fits”.

293: “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story”. – Tribe Unknown.  We must feel every heart’s message to truly weave the story; to truly understand the place we occupy in our soul’s evolutionary process and once we understand/accept ourselves, all aspects of ourselves, we can understand/accept others.

(Flavor) 387: Thin – Lacking body and flavor. 

FROG: With our world in such a state of unrest, and with so much of that strife caused by every group determined to prove that “their god is the best god”, maybe it’s time to give up all the counter-productive dogma (Let the Hierophant have a vacation for awhile) and live from our souls, our higher knowing. After all it is a single story that mankind has to tell. Wouldn’t it ge great to hear all those voices tell it. My dreamer is coming through…Keep em coming, Art!! This is a really fantastic device!!!! Happy 4th to all and may Blessings abound!!!


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