FROG 536 More Than Human?

July [7] 2008

Paratech: pennylaurakey 387

Randomly-Generated Numbers: 171, 289, 184 (Flavor): 387

Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY::

171: Guardian Angel – An angel believed to protect the individual.  See also Guide. (Guide – A spirit who is believed to assist a person’s spiritual journey.)

289: “If a man is to do something more than human, he must have more than human powers” – Tribe Unknown   (This quote put me in mind of Theodore Sturgeon’s classic sci-fi novel, More Than Human.)

184:  Mysticism – Religious or spiritual doctrines which argue that the human mind or soul can directly experience the Divine. 

FROG: Superhumans in our current mythology act as Guardian Angels to us lesser mortals, and may even hold a numinous quality for our youth, facilitating their experience of the Divine.  Maybe it’s time to move past the concept of the “Guardian” and develop our own personal power to protect, guide and directly engage divinity without the necessity of a mediator.  To be more than human, we perhaps need a “Gardening” Angel to help us grow down, in addition to growing up.  A Gardening Angel for nurturing the inner seed of our daimon (inner soul urge) and for encouraging “green power” within us like the power of tree roots breaking urban concrete.

B:  What it might mean for the wellbeing of tarot/psych? In both disciplines, we guide clients toward a deeper experience of themselves, and to perhaps experience themselves as more than human in a transpersonal way.  Tarot and transpersonal psychology, in particular, are growing closer together and I think Art’s work, along with our collective experiments, is showing how close they really are…

387 – Thin. Lacking body and flavor: Ouch!  Maybe I need to go back and fertilize?  Maybe compost the above and start over?  Was it the comment about Peter Tork that sent our oracle over the edge?


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