Frog 506 Rationality’s King

July [7] 2008

Paratech: Kathy B.

Randomly-Generated Numbers: 153, 132; 231

Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY:

153:  Cryptomanesia is knowledge (acquired in normal ways) that may be revealed without the power of remembering its source. Such memories may falsely appear to be paranormal revelations. Sometimes cryptomanesia is used as an explanation for apparently paranormal experiences such as xenoglossy or past life memories.

132: Banche: in Gaelic belief, a female entity who heralds a death by groaning and screaming. The word “banche” was part of my childhood vocabulary even though I didn’t know what it meant. This shows the power of language to carry ancient concepts for thousands of years

231: Poverty is a noose that strangles humility and breeds disrepsect for God and man. Sioux 

I lived for a short time on the Pineridge Sioux reservation in South Dakota. I was shocked to discover that what whites consider Indian behavior (drinking, carousing); Indians consider white behavior. The culture survived by imitating the outer culture and hiding the “being Indian”. Consequently, I am not surprised that what we consider a virtue “poverty” in their culture would be like a noose. Rationality requires that we question our cultural assumptions.

FROG:  We unconsciously absorb enormous amounts of data that is stored in our memories and informs our world view. The King of Rationality guides us to know ourselves through self-examination, so that we don’t fool ourselves nor project undigested stuff out into the world…. Cultural fragments from the distant past are carried in a stream of child’s play into the present. They are collected in the King of Rationality’s treasure hord. Frogs love to leap into water and swim around in it. Lots of unexpected things float to the top of the pond that only those swimming around get to taste…


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