Frog 558 No Sugar Coating

July [4] 2008

Paratech: Astra

Randomly Generated Numbers (from 401 possible): 163, 18, 205


163: Divination: A practice involving the interpretation of signs or symbols to seek oracular knowledge of events.

18: The Moon: A symbol of our hidden intuitive/ psychic powers….the unknown becoming known, leading to a feeling which may be sometimes uncomfortable but it may be necessary nevertheless, to overcome the fear

205: Tarot: A special deck of cards used in Divination

There is a strong connection between the three. The underlying message seems to be simple: Tarot or any tool of divination is primarily a conduit of knowledge, helping us dig deeper into the self in order to help us know whatever we must know. I just completed a tarot reading moments ago so maybe it is just revealing the present state of mind….or maybe something more…


What Kind of a frog is this?

306 : Coarse – Rude or harsh in Flavor, clumsy or crude.

This tells me – the knowledge revealed through Tarot, intuition and Divination can often be discomforting or harsh to the querent, however it may sometimes be necessary to speak the truth instead of diluting the effect through sugar coating. The feeling that someone is rude or harsh could be created by the ego which wants to protect itself from any perceived hurt. Seen from a higher perspective the message may be more important than either the medium or the way it is conveyed, and it may be necessary to sometimes let go of one’s ego and hear the truth no matter how clumsily it may be put across. 

Something for the group? A good psychic may not necessarily be a good counselor. However what is more important – the accuracy and clarity of the reading or the sensitive handling of the information that is conveyed by the cards…could it be that presenting uncomfortable information in a soft and gentle way could actually reduce the impact of the reading…or is being nice more important that being right..maybe an important aspect of Divination is learning how to be comfortable with everything in life, no matter if it is harsh or crude?   (Excerpted from TP Member, Astra)

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