FROG 541 “Animal Magnetism”

July [2] 2008


Paratech: kkvls

Random Numbers Generated:  282 245 123 (Flavor) 368

 Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY:

282. “With all things and in all things, we are relatives.” –Sioux

245. “Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.” –Blackfoot

123. Animal Magnetism: A term coined by F.A. Mesmer to refer to a putative force or fluid capable of being transmitted from one person to another, producing healing effects. See also Mesmerism.


368. Short: Refers to finish, or aftertaste, when it ends abruptly.

This FROG jumps from the pond, to the lily pad, to the stone, to the frying pan, and then into the fire. The reference to “animal magnetism” and the two Indian quotes call to mind the Native American practice of raising totem poles as symbols of kinship and profound spiritual encounters. I see a hazy outline of a future (mesmerizing?) exercise that includes tarotpsych readings interpreted as totems – which is sort of the way I tend to interpret the last 4 cards in the Celtic Cross spread, anyway. Animals often serve as important gateway/guides/catalysts for healing with people and situations that might otherwise be unapproachable, such as with autistic children… (TP Member: kkvls) See Archives for whole frog:

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