Frog 528 Spirit Helper

July [2] 2008

Paratech: Lagaz777

Randomly-Generated Numbers: 166, 92. 224  (Flavor): 400

Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY:

166. Elemental Spirit:  A spirit associated with one of the classical

four elements (fire, earth, air and water). See also animism.

92. Materialism: This position believes that all things that are real have a material or physical substance. It discounts any metaphysical reality (i.e., non-material). This is often used interchangeably with physicalism.

224. Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. – Blackfoot

Taste: Yeasty: A bready smell, sometimes detected in wines that have undergone secondary fermentation, such as Champagne; very appealing if not excessive


FROG (Excerpt) Even though things are hard to deal with, it can be harder to deal with a volatile energy to solve problems.

Application: It might be easy, when solving potentially volatile problems, to choose an energy that feels akin to the volatile one. However it’s likely best to work hard, very hard if need be, to find one that is completely safe, and proven so.

There are spirits whose job it is to help humans in the material world. They are purported to have influence over physical substance. This happens, in some instances, by way of possession and requires, quite literally, an exorcist to get rid of it.

However, as with many spirits I’ve encountered, this isn’t necessarily the case. They work on the positive by influencing areas surrounding the subject so that things like protection of those in need, or creation of prosperity, can occur with ease. These latter ones are much more of a pleasure to work with, they want to help. Help is their aim. These can be thought of as spirit guides… They are quite old and have been around at least as long as humans have inhabited the earth. (Member lagaz777)

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