Frog 487 Peace Begins At Home

July [2] 2008


Paratech: Rima

Random Numbers Generated From The Complete HATCHERY:


Analogues From The Complete HATCHERY::

230  “A good soldier is a poor scout”.  Cheyenne

 17  The Star card

 280 “It is no longer good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace and live in peace”.  Shenandoah

Frog (Excerpt)

 I see similarities between a scout and drone bees. Since I prefer to think of myself as the Queen bee, I’d prefer to be a leader or guide and since  I also understand that in order to be a true warrior (spiritual?) one must follow one’s own instincts and dictates which makes it very difficult to follow the orders of others. For me this means following my inner voice of both wisdom and intuition…

“Every man and woman is a Star”  A Crowley quote.  We all have the gift or responsibility to shine our light and as brightly as we can. We are also all made of the same stuff as everything else in the Universe.  We guide each other to the truth and  self-realization by remembering our interconnectedness and similarities instead of differences. We are all healers.  The message in this card is hope because there is always hope. 

I have a favorite saying: “Peace begins at home”  True peace begins inside and only someone with a peaceful heart can practice a peaceful life which fosters an environment of peace in other living being. (TP Member: Rima).  See Archives for whole frog:–TAROTPSYCH Join Our Free Yahoo Discussion Group here: 



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