Review of Tarot D’Amour

June [30] 2008


 [Tarot D’Amour, written by Kooch & Victor Daniels]



The nakedness of a Tarot reading quickly transports the seeker of self-knowledge to intensely private places. Like no other oracle, Tarot commingles the flames of magic, emotion, wisdom, and visual stimulation much like, well, falling in love. From my own 25 years with the art, I have observed that always the best readings, the truly urgent divinations, invariably invoke the subject of love and its concatenations.  But this should come as no surprise.  Reliable roadmaps are virtually non-existent, perhaps due to the highly messy nature of this territory.  Kooch and Victor Daniels offer one such roadmap in their original and tasty new book, TAROT D’AMOUR.

The book is a competent and readable introduction to the cards and adds to the usual occult correspondences with astrology, Jungian archetypes, color symbolism, and chakra centers, etc.  plus the interesting new breakdowns, Affects, Sexual Links, Anatomical Influences, Sex and Spirituality.  But where this book comes most alive for me is in its witty, insightful, and sexually comfortable extended lexicon wherein two pages are dedicated to each of the 78 tarots.  Discussions are supplied for cross-sections like: Romantic Interpretation, Emotional Interpretation, Sexual Interpretation, and Reversed Card Interpretation. The lucky 22 majors are given the additional column of Sexual Play. The most graphic divinations come from this last category, as for example with The High Priestess:

Awake in the ecstasy of the moment, The High Priestess may use feathers or fur to tickle playfully her partner’s love spots.  With gentle cat bites, she nibbles on sensitive places to arouse her partner’s passions, and then sits astride her magician in a kneeling position where she can freely move her thighs up and down on his magic wand.

Not simply savory, however, there are equal parts savvy in the eros of Tarot D’Amour. The Fool, we are told, when reversed “often indicates the error of being spontaneous and open without listening to your own wisdom about what suits you and what doesn’t, what’s dangerous and what isn’t.” You will probably wish you had read it before launching your last misadventure as I wished.  In the ‘Sexual Interpretation’ of the Seven of Cups, we learn: “You don’t want to say yes today and regret it tomorrow…On the other hand, this may be a time to move beyond confusion, doubts, or inhibitions to ignite fiery, emotional alchemy.”  Now who hasn’t drawn that card at least once?  Be truthful.

But like the Tarot itself, in every card a tangy new detail, angle, or strategy quite magically seems to motion you over to its raison d’etre like the stacked blond in the red convertible. Advice given by the authors is always psychologically smart, if at times, “playful.”  There is so much to learn here. Tarot D’Amour is the perfect companion volume to the “full catastrophe,” as Zorba lamented, of love itself.  

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